Heaven Is Waiting

Now that you’ve finished digging your grave
Don’t bother with tears
Just breathe and be brave
Don’t cry out for mercy
No mercy is due
Heaven is waiting for someone like you

This place can be cold, violent and cruel
It just may ignite like fire to fuel
Make peace with your maker
That’s all you can do
Heaven is waiting for someone like you

How would like your tombstone to read?
That you played the part of someone in need?
Drawn to your fate like a foot to a shoe
Heaven is waiting for someone like you


Black Ice

A Hofner bass named Zelda
With strings too high to play
Realizing all those dreams
That should have faded away

Slipping on a sheet of ice
Spinning ‘round and ‘round
Nothing very frightening
Nothing too profound

See the band rehearsing
And cursing out the scene
Gigging in the Tenderloin
Looking rough and lean

Nothing in the cupboard
Needles in the fridge
Somewhere in the Mission
Just across the bridge

In the final instant
Beyond all love and fear
Is there a perfect moment
When everything is clear?


Grief Walks In

Grief walks in and sits across from you
Grief doesn’t ask about your day
Grief will appear just to say “I’m here
And I’ve been looking for a place to stay
I’ve been looking for a place to stay”

The soul is a home in which are many rooms
Grief picks the one it likes the best
Sometimes it invites you to visit for awhile
Sometimes it is your unwanted guest
Sometimes it is your unwanted guest

Grief never leaves and grief never dies
Nor does it forever show its face
At times it seems to wander down these many halls
Leaving just an echo in its place
Leaving just an echo in its place


Ebb and Flow

Will the night forgive the dawn for breaking?
Will the day forgive the sun for going down?
Will the rain forgive the clouds for finally letting go?
Will the shore forgive the moon for ebb and flow?

The dawn doesn’t break, it shatters
The sun doesn’t set, it collapses
Rain doesn’t fall, it plummets to the ground
And the tide doesn’t ebb, it goes round and round

Should you cling to a shard of the morning
Crushed by the fall of the sun
Let it cut into your flesh or let it go
Surrender it all to ebb and flow


Shirley Jane

Oh, Shirley Jane finger-painting the blues
Big Billy Broonzy with tunes in his shoes
That gal o’ mine! Miss Valentine!
And Rita Mae may come today

Oh, Shirley Jane please explain this to me
How jealous Big Billy Broonzy can be
Of Rita Mae, what did he say?
She shared her wine with Miss Valentine



Faith, I doubt you’re right for me
I can’t hold on to you
You’re the key but not for me
Faith, I doubt, is true

Faith, in love I do believe
I pull the white dove from my sleeve
The trick is what you do not see
Faith, I doubt you’re right for me

Although you’re out of sight from me
Your ghost is always felt
In the heart, the head and in
The hand that I’ve been dealt

Faith, it cuts through like a knife
The smoke and mirrors of my life
A sleight of hand reveals to me
Faith, I doubt you’re right for me



Toast and tea
Drag of a filtered
Salem cigarette

Coat of arms
Shield of dreams
Your grand illusion
Of our prestige


Resting Pulse

There was a point I tried to make
But, alas, I failed
On a downward spiral
I found myself impaled
Did my time
Paid my debt
Changed the way I am
Raise my arms and stand
And spread the news like jam

The poets on the radio
Lying through their teeth
Offer up what can be seen
And hide what lies beneath
Steel yourself
Still your mind
Check your resting pulse
With each breath your heart reveals
What’s true from what is false


Nothing Left To Lose

I took a walk through a strawberry field
My heart was heavy and my blues hadn’t healed
My temperature rose and my jukebox blew a fuse
Don’t ever tell me there is nothing left to lose

My head was rockin’ and my memory reeled
The gates were opened and my fate was revealed
I’ll spend eternity walking in your shoes
Don’t ever tell me there is nothing left to lose

Don’t even think about
You cannot live without it
You think you’re above all that?
I doubt it

I was nowhere, man, with nothing to shield
No saliva and my blood had congealed
I didn’t come here to mistreat or to a abuse
Don’t ever tell me there is nothing left to lose


Here's Hoping

Here’s hoping I am man enough to take you all to task
Here’s hoping that I finally ask the questions I should ask
Here’s hoping that today’s the day I remove this evil mask

Here’s hoping no more bottles come flying my head
Here’s hoping you are chewing over every word I’ve said
Here’s hoping we can leave the dead to bury all the dead

Here’s hoping you complete your journey out of Lalaland
Purgatory’s finding you’re in yet another band
Where you’re worked into a frenzy while the flames are being fanned

Here's hoping that our sun will shine and all the winds will blow
Here's hoping all our oceans will forever ebb and flow
Here's hoping that the leaving's easy when it's time to go